It Always Beings With An Engine

Every game begins with an engine.


A video game like any complex machine requires an engine at the heart of its system and without a good engine your machine can easily fall apart in no time at all.

The question is which engine is the right one to use?

The answer however is a little more difficult to answer. There are many good game engines currently available for both private and commercial use and they offer a diverse range of strengths and weaknesses.

The question that should really be asked is what do we require this engine to do?

As this game is being released for free, and explores CLS’s cohort studies, we want as many people as possible to find out about the findings of the research. The best way to make it available to everyone is to have the ability to port Jacob to as many different devices and systems as feasibly possible.

That is why the team at Duck Duck Zeus have chosen Unity 5 as their game engine for this project. In addition to the team’s familiarity with the engine, Unity also allows an easier means of porting the game to other systems.


As you can see Unity already has a proven track record of success releases across a variety of platforms. If you would like to know more about Unity or (or even try it yourself as there is a free version) you can download it from the Unity website


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